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Organic Traffic Platform OTP Software by Cliff Carrigan – Best Powerfull Software to Create Fully Built & Functioning Professional Organic Search Engine Traffic Network with Massive Traffic On Demand Delivering High Volumes Of Traffic To Any Offer
Organic Traffic Platform OTP Software by Cliff Carrigan is Powerfull Software to Create Fully Built & Functioning Professional Organic Search Engine Traffic Network with Massive Traffic On Demand Delivering High Volumes Of Traffic To Any Offer. Imagine Clicking A Few Buttons And Having A Massive Hard-Core Seo'd Website Delivering High Volumes Of Traffic To Any Offer… Now Imagine That x1000 And You'll Start To Understand The Power Of The Organic Traffic Platform! Organic Traffic Platform OTP Software just Click A Few Buttons And BAM! You Have A Fully Built & Functioning Professional Organic Search Engine Traffic Network! Organic Traffic Platform OTP Software is a large page generator? Yes it is and it will so on an enormous scale. You are able to run in batches as high as 30,000 pages at any given time, and you may also take action in 100+ other languages fully translated for you personally on the fly while your pages are being built! Each page contains unique and highly seo'd content designed specifically to appeal to google. It's setup so that google will see the seo'd content, but any visitors to any page might find other content… You get to choose what the customer sees. You can set all traffic to visit a single offer (for example an affiliate offer, your own product, or even a lead capture page… You are completely unlimited! You may also set it up to split/rotate the traffic between as numerous offers as you need so that you can decide what's converting best for you. You can setup such that it drips content out for multiple years if you want to – Then, the sole time you'll ever have to do anything is when you find wish to point your traffic at other pages/ offers/funnels… exactly what a nice problem to own! It will an excellent balance of both pages and posts which means that your site has the capacity to be considered as an authority site in google. Did it also post comments? Indeed it can, and it will! In reality, automagically it'll include comments for you personally that are super seo'd specifically to ‘comments'and is also has a secondary program called Comment Afterburner that allows you to inject a lot more comments… As many as you want! Think about this… It's happened to any or all of us. You're on google searching for something, some title catches your eye and you click it. – And you land on a comment in certain blog. Did you catch that? Googlealso likes to index individual comments, and you've the capability to put as many comments as you need in your blog! This means you only took yourself to an entire new level! – And it works the same as pages/posts. If an opinion gets indexed and someone clicks through on it, they are likely to see whatever page you want them to… They will never see the specific comment at all!

Organic Traffic Bonuses Platform OTP Software is real beast. How will you allow it to be do other languages? That's extremely easy… You just set it up as you normally would, then click the ‘set language'button to choose any language you want, and then the program does most of the translations on the fly as it builds your pages! Consider it… You place it down to a target your best keywords, then you definitely run that same campaign over and over only changing the language with each pass, and eact time it's pulling you perfect fresh content in the target language. You could get a lot more traffic than you ever imagined possible! Will it create PBN's? Yes it can… Only better! With a normal PBN you're putting out the pages and they've links to your tiers or primary, but are useless to the visitor. So, you obtain the seo advantageous asset of those targeted backlinks, YOURURL.com but you receive virtually zero visitor benefit… Which means you are leaving a fortune on the table. With an OTP PBN you fully capitalize on both! You get all of the benefit of a powerful PBN plus you get most of the take advantage of actual traffic (real visitors originating from search engines). An OTP PBN also provides you with a little more power and flexibility than an average PBN since you can set it to inject both plain urls along with hpyerlinked urls randomly… and if you realize BPN's, then you realize how devastatingly powerful a setup similar to this is.

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